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In January 2019, we moved into our second pop-up location. After the first pop-up at the demolition site on Zwinglistrasse, we were given the opportunity to take over the NASA gas station on Bederstrasse. This pop-up proved to be our most challenging yet, as we faced significant electrical issues, resulting in frequent power outages at the gas station. Additionally, we were unable to heat the space, requiring the installation of an external oil heater.


In October 2019, we moved into the offices of the Tanner family (ALPRAUSCH). Where designers would choose their fabrics during the day, we would cater to approximately 80 guests in the evenings. The +Alprausch factory is an absolute gem. It is filled with tons of collectibles, ranging from figurines and jewelry to arcade machines.

Alprausch 13.HEIC


When Covid turned our lives upside down, as restaurateurs, we had to think outside the box. A groundbreaking idea we had was to create a social-distancing pop-up restaurant in the open air, and we believed there was only one place where it could take place. So, we wrote an email to KIBAG, asking if we could use their workshop as a restaurant for six weeks. Less than 10 minutes later, we received the green light, which secured our survival. However, since the workshop was still operational for concrete mixers, we had to repeatedly clear out the outdoor dining area. During the day, heavy machinery would resume their work. The biggest challenge at the KIBAG workshop was the kitchen infrastructure. As there was no provision for wastewater disposal on the premises, we had to build our own sewage system using a pump and a 1000L tank. Every evening after service, we would use a forklift to transport the tank and properly dispose of the water. We occupied the KIBAG workshop in the years 20/21/22.


In February 2022, we had the unique opportunity to transform the historic "Blauer Saal" (Blue Hall) in the Löwenbräu Areal into a pop-up venue. Thanks to the great trust from PSP (a company), we were able to occupy this amazing space after Radio 24 moved their studios to Oerlikon. With approximately 80 seats and beautiful arches, the former Radio 24 studio was brought to life once again. It was a homecoming for Maximilian, as he had hosted his Radio 24 evening show in these premises for five years.



We had long been harboring the idea of realizing a project within the infrastructure of the ZSG (Lake Zurich Navigation Company). However, our ideas always seemed modest when initially presented. But whenever we were given a chance to explain the whole concept, people realized that everything was feasible. That's exactly what happened when we were invited to the first meeting with the director of ZSG. After the meeting, it was clear that our next pop-up (2022) would take place on the dry-docked "Stadt Rapperswil" steamship. The over 100-year-old vessel had been completely renovated, and we were entrusted with the keys to the shipyard for six weeks. The major challenge was that the ship was not accessible. So, with the help of a scaffolding company, we conjured up a wide staircase onto the ship. You can see the result in the VIDEO.

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